How to store your precious essential oils and carrier oils?

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Oils do have a shelf life! There are many ways to ensure that your precious oils stay potent and fresh. Heat and light can damage your oils, and for that reason the bottle needs to be dark, or stored in a dark place. The highly volatile chemical compounds in essential oils don’t mix well with plastic, therefore, they must be kept in glass bottles. If you ever see an essential oil in a plastic bottle, do not buy it! 

Make sure to minimise the amount of time your oils are exposed to light and air, and you will be able to enjoy your oils for a long time! The same applies to carrier oils; they are light sensitive and are recommended to be stored in a dry, cool place away from heat.

To prevent your oils from expiring early and to guarantee they stay potent, make sure the cap is screwed on tightly and minimise the time the cap is off the bottle. The longer the bottle is uncapped, the more the oil is exposed to the oxygen in the air and the shorter your oil will be stays as its best.

If you follow this advice, your oils should have a minimum shelf life of at least 1-2 and up to 8 years, depends of the oil. I personally store my essential oils in opaque silver and golden glass bottles to extend maximum quality.

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