A healthy way to a good night's sleep naturally / VÉRO / MINDBODYAROMA

You can experience the effects of essential oils in many ways. For example, doTERRA recommends applying their essential oil blend: 'Balance' onto the bottom of your bare feet, wrists, or palms at the start and the end of the day to help you feel relaxed and calm. Lavender and sage can also be applied directly to the skin.

Before topically applying an essential oil, it is important to dilute it with a carrier oil. Applying undiluted essential oils direct to skin can cause irritation. A few common carrier oils are apricot kernel, jojoba, coconut, and extra virgin olive oil.  As a general dilution, 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for every 1 drop of essential oil is recommended.

If using a diffuser, 4-5 drops of these essential oils into the water will release the scent into the bedroom.

Another way to use essential oils as a sleep aid is by adding a few drops onto the pillowcase shortly before bedtime. This will allow the aroma to linger throughout sleeping hours.

Risk and warning

It’s important to treat essential oils with caution. Always do a patch test before applying these oils over large areas of skin.

To do the patch test dilute the chosen oil and apply the mixture to the inside of the arm. A waiting period of about 24 hours is necessary to see if there is any experience of irritation or discomfort. If not, the chosen essential oil should be safe to apply as a mixture over a larger area.

Do not ingest essential oils. This may cause unpleasant side effects, such as upset stomach and nausea. Children, pregnant women, and woman who are breastfeeding, should take precaution when using essential oils.

Other ways to improve sleep

A few lifestyle changes also can improve sleeping habits; e.g., Increase bright light exposure during the day; Don't consume caffeine after 2 pm; Also, experts are saying that late-night meal keeps the body on ‘high alert’ at a time where it should be winding down. It can have dangerous consequences for overall health. Researchers are now saying not to eat within two hours before bedtime, but ideally, not after 7pm.

Try to totally unplug from phones and screens for one hour before bedtime. The blue light in these appliance interfere with ones body’s melatonin production. Melatonin is a chemical that the brain produces to regulates sleep.

Establish a bedtime ritual, such as taking a warm bath and changing into pajamas can often do the trick.

If all these changes don't work, it's time to consult a doctor. They can find out what’s causing poor sleep habits, and recommend a treatment option that’s best suited.

doTerra blend:

  • spruce needle and leaf
  • ho wood
  • frankincense resin
  • blue tansy flower
  • blue chamomile flower

Also recommended is:

  • lavender oil
  • peppermint
  • yang ylang
  • cape chamomile
  • Australian sandalwood
  • eucalyptus oil

The bottom oils are individual available for purchase at: www.mindbodyaroma.com.au