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Have you ever thought about creating your own skincare products?  It's easy, affordable, and fun, and you know what's in your skincare without the hidden nasties!

A few years ago I started to play around with some simple ingredients to create my own face moisturiser. I used a carrier oil (Almond oil), a butter (shea butter), and essential oils (Lavender and Rose geranium). I filled the almond oil and shea butter in a little glass bowl and heated both up with the double boiler method. - Double boiling means by putting one container with ingredients that needs to be gently melted in another container filled with water. The container with water needs then to be carefully heated on a low to medium temperature stove or Bain Marie. To avoid spilling the water into the other container it is recommended to only use a few inches of water - When the butter had melted I took the glass bowl out and mixed the oil and melted butter gently together. After the cool down phase I added a few drops of essential oils, stirred the ingredients gently, and poured it into a lidded container. I labeled the lid with content and date, and put it into the fridge until it was solid. There you go; I created my first beautiful homemade facial moisturiser.

I repeated this a few times with different ingredients until I thought; how could I create a light facial creme with much more exiting ingredients and lighter texture? I started to google the internet and came across a website that is teaching the professional way of how to create your own organic skincare.


I signed up and my adventure began. I have learned how to make facial oils, cremes, serums, moisturisers, body lotions, cleansers, soaps, etc., the lot. I am so exited every time I create something new. It's a wonderful journey which I never regret. This journey led me to create my own website to sell natural and organic skincare ingredients, and my own creations.  

Yours sincerely VÉRO

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