Hello beautiful souls,

My first introduction of myself comes with a question to YOU!

Do you know that we all made of the same material?  There are no differences between the human race!  We are all ONE !  We just have different skin, hair, eye colours, shapes and opinions.  That's it!  But everyone of us is UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL and we all craving for 'LOVING CARE' in moments of our live's.                                  

I always asked myself the questions;

Is there more out there in the UNIVERSE than just Us?  I have no doubt!

Why are we here? Are we part of a Great Experiment?

Can we do more for each other and our planet? YES; Let's start today!

Is it all exceptional what’s in our food, cosmetics and skincare products? Unfortunately NO!  Going nature is the answer.                                                                   

I am Véronique! Born and bred in a beautiful German harbour city named Flensburg. I always have been a warrior against odd things that I thought or felt were wrong from a very young age. Growing up with my older sister Britta (I love you), and my loving Grandmother Eleonore (in heaven) was not always easy, often lonely, but a wonderful experience. Raised without a Mother or Father, I have felt no different as a child because my Grandmother taught me the importance of forgiveness, love, to be diligent in life, and to believe and love yourself and others.

When I was in my late 20s I had my first computer and the internet became available to everyone. I started to look for my father, which I had never met. My grandmother and mother have told me that he lived in Newcastle/Australia. My mum met him when he was at a young age sailing the world. They fell in love and I was created. He went on the next ship to Norway and they never seen each other again. I found my father in 1999 through extensive research here in Australia. A childhood dream came true. I finally moved over here in 2007 with my daughter Rosalie (2) where we have been living since. 

In 2012, my interest in Aromatherapy and healing with plant material from Mother Earth's garden guided me to collect many beautiful essential oils and to create my own skincare at home. Next to my work as a Community Worker I did my online studies and finally finished a Diploma in Aromatherapy in 2019 to gain better knowledge in the field. In 2020 I took part in Level I in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and I am currently studying a Diploma as an organic skincare formulator. I have a vast interest in healing myself and others with the power of nature, meditation and positive thinking and I know you can too.

I have been thinking for quite a while to offer as well as create, natural and clean products to my soul sisters and brothers without the harsh ingredients, which is found in so many conventional skin, body and hair care products. 

There are already so many awakened creators of clean, health and beauty products on this Earth and I am grateful for every single one of you. You gave me so much inspiration to do the same.

My Logo VÉRO originated from my name Veronique, and was created by my friend and graphic designer L. Lenior. 

My business name came to me while I was waking up from a dream one morning, climbing down the silver cord back into my body. It just came to me. 

I looked up the domain and luckily it was still available in Australia.

There you go; MINDBODYAROMA.COM.AU was created. 

I call us 'WE' because there are more people involved in the whole creation then just 'ME'. 

We promise, to offer only clean, natural and organically crafted 'oils of the kind' for you to add some 'Love and Joy' to your skin.

I, myself always loved shiny and sparkly things. I believe this is part of my past life as a QUEEN ;-). 

This is why I decided to fill the premium essential and carrier oils in exquisite glass bottles for you to enjoy at home.    


I would love to hear YOUR STORY ❤️                                  

Yours Sincerely